student weekly by Amonrat5/1

Comedy couple create chaos

By Tatat Bunnag

Did you know

Tukky said that playing an air hostess in the film was a dream come true.

Whenever Pongsak Pongsuwan (Teng Therdtheng) and Choosak Eamsuwan (Nong Cha Cha Cha) team up for a new movie, comedy devotees know that it will be a film they won’t want to miss. The funny buddies recently got together again for Sahamongkol International’s latest hilarious adventure, Teng Nong Jeewon Bin.

Directed by Teng, Teng Nong Jeewon Bin is a chaotic story about a pilgrim monk (Teng) and a wealthy jeweller (Nong), who share an international flight. The unlikely pair encounter many unpredictable and amusing incidents during their long, strange trip.

Also in the film is a top cast of comedians including Somchai Khemklad, Khom Chuan Chuen, Tukky Sudarat and Somchai Sakdikul.

Student Weekly recently had an exclusive interview with Teng (45) and Nong (38) to talk about Teng Nong Jeewon Bin before it hits movie theatres this week.

Student Weekly: Can you guys tell us a bit about Teng Nong Jeewon Bin?

Nong: I play a millionaire and Teng is a monk who travels around the word to learn about religion.

Teng: My character is supposed to be going back to Thailand, but all the flights are fully booked and I end up stuck at the airport. Nong’s character has a private plane and he offers me a ride. The craziness starts from there!


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