Chumphon The Amphoe Thung Tako by Amonrat Pecharat M6/1

Amphoe Muang Amphoe Lamae Amphoe Lang Suan Amphoe Pha Thiew
Amphoe Pha Toh Amphoe Sawee Amphoe Thasae Amphoe Thung Tako

Chumphon, Thailand – Attractions in Amphoe Thung Tako
Amphoe Thung Tako
Chan Rain Cave
This is an old cave in village 10, Tako Sub-district away from Tako District to the south about 25 kilometers. The cave’s interior has many beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. This cave was proved that it was the shelter of Pre-Historic human beings. Thap Chang Waterfall
This is the most beautiful waterfall in Khlong Phrao National Park, situated at Mu 5, Tambon Tako. Amphoe Thung Tako. It is surrounded with various varieties of trees, and many different types of animals live here. To get there, travel along highway 41 until you come to a police booth at Sammai, Lang Suan cross-road. Then turn right into a brick road and go on for another 15 kms. The waterfall is about 65 kms. from the city center. Maprao Island
This is a small island with 50-metre long, beautiful beach, including the coral reef in the west. Visitors who wish to visit this island should obtain permission from the Provincial Office 15 days in advance because of the monopoly of the business in the sparrow’s nests of the island. Arunothai Beach
From highway no.4, turn left to highway no.4096 for 6 kilometres. This beach is situated 60 kilometres from Chumphon. Visitors can observe the lifestyle of the local fishermen on this quiet beach. Near the beach, there is the Prince Chumphons Shrine. Nearby is Paknam Thung Tako- the site where fishermen of Thung Tako depart for their voyage to the sea. The view of these fishermen daily routine is very colourful and impressive.


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